Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Eyes Front, Fellows.


6 chose to chill out for the latest edition of Sunday Funday. Conditions remained constant at 70 and sunny. According to the Kotter who was freezing in the parking lot, the following might have happened:

Route: Nickel Bridge to Buttermilk to Forest Hill, unless you are Chippendale and are too fast to hear the audible, in which case it’s unclear what he ran, or Saab, who ran 10 miles on roads, in which case YHC knows he ran elsewhere.

Numbers, names, and YHC took us out before Chippendale froze in place.


Loops on Friday. This event is awesome. Day after Thanksgiving. Starts at 7:00 a.m. Run a loop, bike a loop. On the roads or on the trails. Mileage may vary based on mode of transportation and media traveled. But, participants will start a new loop every hour and must complete a loop every hour. Hang with F3 brothers, friends, and family before, during, and after. Last person to complete a loop subject to the above rules is the winner.


1 loop – you will not win

2 loops – you will not win

3 loops – same

4 loops – Meh.

5 loops – YHC supposes this is possible.

6 loops – Maybe, if it’s raining.

7 loops – You are getting warmer.

8 loops – YHC is putting his money here, subject to the moral hazard of TYA trying to win with 7 or 9 just to ruin YHC’s wager. He’s a crafty fellow. However, rumors have some other contenders coming from points west on 360.

9 loops – YHC believes this is over-doing it, but still possible.

10 loops – Someone else has to want to do 9 in order for someone to win with 10, and YHC doesn’t see it.

11 loops – Ask yourself: who brought a headlamp?

12 loops – Nah.

Whatever happens, you will make friends on this day.


Great to have Chippendale back on the trails today. It’s been a minute. He’s a fast fellow.

Nice to run Forest Hill. YHC was chugging today. Good to chat with Offshore most of the way.


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