Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Poncho and Lefty….and Fudd


Six ruckers on a mission launched out from Hoedown laden with the spoils the Pax had left. Pigskin was nice enough to see us off and offer his support. The group dispersed in rotating pairs of two for chatting along the way. The lights of UR at night are outstanding with the reflections on the lake.

When we arrived at Spider Run, the parking lot was vacant of food, so we picked up the bat cave and trekked into the gloom. One deer sighting, though many more probably spotted us.

The holiday lights of the River Road Shopping Center we aglow welcoming the festive spirits. One of Henrico’s finest had radar set up and pulled someone right in front of us as we made our way to Westham Station.

Up the hill to First Watch where collected both donated goodies but also some distilled goodies courtesy of Handshake. Off we went back through the suburbs where Fudd thought he could collect more canned goods by banging on the door of a friend’s house. Turns out that they were not home and a little kid answered the door. Stranger Danger! and off we went.

Back to Hoedown to consolidate our donations and close out the night by the fire pit.

The folks at Midas (who have a permanent collection site for the Food Bank) were super helpful unloading this morning as we filled up the majority of one of those large donation boxes.

Thank you Pax for your contributions and for making a difference in many people’s lives this holiday season!


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