Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beach body prep starts now


6 regulars and 1 FNG gathered for a chilly start to the day at R&R and at 7:00 YHC had to start moving before my feet stuck to the cold ground.

Mosey around to the back parking lot for COP and brief explanation to our FNG the core principles and tell him he can’t sue anyone if he gets hurt

Mosey to the large circle that goes around the park for an increasing / decreasing jog around. First stop 20 WWII’s, second stop 20 WWII’s – 30 American Hammers, third stop 20 WWII’s – 30 American Hammers – 40 Jump Squats, fourth stop 50 SSH’s then back down starting with SSH’s and at each stop drop off each exercise until the last stop is only the 20 WWII’s

Mosey to the concession stand for what Ponch named the dip, dip row boat. PAX sits in a line on the ground with the last person doing dips on the bench while everyone else rows the boat on both sides, timer is the guy in the boat gets out and runs to the stop sign and back. Runner replaces the dipper and everyone in the boat moves forwards.

Wall sits with some Hoedowns added in

Mosey walk to the corner of the lot for a quick four corners

10 – Ball dippers, 20 – Smurf Jacks, 30 – Calf Raises, 40 – Squats

Wall sits

Mosey BTTF for a ring of fire of your choice either you’re sitting in a Not So Lazy Boy or a Plank position. 20 of the exercise of your choice

Numbers / Names Chaplain took us out


Welcome aboard to our new FNG, Shank. Posh and Shank have committed to starting a new OA in Petersburg to start after the new year 1/2/23 on Tuesdays, YHC will be making the trip south for a couple month to help get this new AO off the ground. Posh will be the Site Q for this new AO (meeting place TBD) stay tuned for F3’s growth south of southside.


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