Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Excuse me Madam


YHC was back from parts unknown and was ready to get back to work. Three able bodied gloom warriors and 2 partially able participants awaited. According to the garbage man here is what happened.

COP- 20 each SSH, LBC; 10 Each DQ’s, Jazzercise, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Tic/Toc’s, Coper head squat, Dead man hang, Merkins, Flutters, Dollies.  

The thang:

4 corners: 1st 2 on the track then 2nd 2 around the school the hard way. Exercises were 25 plank jacks, 50 squats, 75 LBC and 100 rotated: Merkins, Prom dates, flutter kicks and merkins again.

Grab some wall for peoples chair and some DK’s.

Announcements: HDHH coming next Tuesday to Hardywood West Creek. Forest Hill loops on black Friday.

Prayer Requests: to all traveling for holiday and to those injured, may they find wellness.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Make Today Awesome!  


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