Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Coupons’ Last Hooray


8 warriors of the gloom graced First Watch for a coupon party. We have been requested to remove them or they would be removed. Time to take them around the block. Here is what went down:

Mosey to front of church for COP:

20 – SSH

Stretch it out – touch toes and sky


Arm Circles Small and Big – reverso

10 Hand Release Merkins

10 Imperial walkers

The Thang:

Since coupons are being relocated to Kubota’s, thank you Kubota!, as mentioned above it seemed fitting to carry them around with us today.

Mosey to former coupon staging area to pick our block and then slowesy  to the corner of Henrico’s smallest/finest park for a triple check. Timer ran to the light on River and back with partners completed Swings and Over Head Presses with Coupon. Splinter arrived about this time since the swim team found the light switch, glad to have him join.

Mosey back to main lot so Splinter could get his very own coupon. Time for 4-corners around the parking lot, exercises were

  • First corner – 5 WWII presses
  • Second Corner – 5 WWII presses, 10 Curls
  • Third Corner – 5 WWII presses with coupon, 10 Curls, 15 Squats
  • Fourth Corner – 5 WWII presses with coupon, 10 Curls, 15 Squats, 20 alternating merkins on coupon
  • What goes up must come down, repeat descending order

We made it back to where we started and YCH called for 20 bench press and 20 ASP.

Mosey a short way for block the plank, real crowd pleaser – would recommend, partner lunged across parking lot and back while other held strong with coupon on back. 3 rounds.

We gathered all coupons and played tetris getting them arranged in the truck and had enough time for a Mary, exercises were 30 flutter kicks, 20 APDs, 60 LBCs (oyo).

Appreciated the opportunity to lead, great work today fellas. YCH took us out, please keep those in need in your thoughts this holiday season.


West End – Friday Canned Goods Ruck

HDHH – Next Tuesday

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