Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back and Forth


One pax joined on the shores of the Pacific Ocean for his favorite version of The Clinic each year. Temperatures in the air were 70 and sunny. Ocean water slightly warmer at 63 (actual air temp 48). According to the county workers emptying trash cans on the beach, the following may have happened:

Slightly earlier start than usual. 4:45 a.m. due to Pacific time and restlessness. Run from hotel down walkways to drop off circle.


SSHs, dead man hang, yoga stretching, Imperial walkers, 20 merkins, and a handful of LBCs.

Mosey to the rock pile / jetty. 20 decline merkins, 20 dips.

40 yard cycle. Run about 40 yards on the beach. Stop. Perform about 20 of an exercise.

Merkins, flutter kicks, LBCs, hello dolly, squats. Do this for about 1.0 mile.

Attempt to jump over very small creek that empties into Pacific Ocean.

Continue with above cycle for .5 miles.

Turn around at the rocks. 1.5 miles back, finishing at the original rock pile / jetty.

Run back to the cliff base, then up the path (aka Charmian) to the top. VSF at the outdoor fire pit.

Number, Name, and a quick one-man COT.

NMS: YHC has been traveling a ton and had hoped to exercise last week in the mountains of Colorado. A late night altitude headache scotched that plan, so it was refreshing to be back at sea level for a couple of days. Few places more beautiful than the Pacific Ocean shore in The Gloom. Looking forward to returning in the spring.


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