Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

11/16 – Giving thanks at SOT.  


Another glorious day out in the gloom at SOT this morning. 

Three runners (Honeymoon, Florence, and Rosie) took off and the six remaining began bootcamp (Footloose, Bullseye, Heist, DTH, Doozy, and Wedding Singer)

Warmorama: Mosey to bus loop for tracers (jog the line, side shuffle, Bernie back). Circle up: SSH, copper head squat (OYO). Got into plank position  did calf stretch and sprinter stretches. On your six for: LBCs and Flutter Kicks. 20 seconds to stretch whatever else you need. 

The thang:

Sprint and Ball dip: Pax lined up along bus loop. YHC pointed out numbers 10 (closest) through 1 (farthest) on the loop. Sprint down and back to each number and perform # of ball dippers (2x count). Start with long sprint and 1x ball dip. End with short sprint and 10x ball dip. Copy?

Mosey to track behind school passing doors 5/6/7. Lunged between doors and performed ‘muricans or alternate ab/leg exercise of choice. 

The track: Indigenous peoples run around the track (almost 4 laps). Stop at benches and performed exercises. Lap 1: 20x dips, Lap 2: 20x dips/20 squats, Lap 3: 20x dips/20 squats/20 2x mountain climbers. 

Between Lap 3/4 things were getting tough. A little merlot was spilt, some cramping, etc. YHC had to think fast. 20 count to catch breath…circle up.

Thankfulness COP: Each dude shared what they were thankful for and called out exercises to perform. We did flutter kicks, muricans, planks, Smurf jacks, LBCs and squat jumps. 

Pax got the wind back, so I decided to kick it up again with 5 minutes left. Up the small hill 3x, jog back around and perform 20x reps of choice. 

Mosey back to flag. 

Running note: Heard they got in 4 miles. Nice work. 

Outro: Numbers/Names. 


  1. Not a humpday happy hour next week. Happy Hour on Tuesday 11/22. Hardywood West Creek. 
  2. Spiderrun 10k. Turkey trot. See Florence for details. 


  1. Continue to pray for Honeymoon’s father and his battle with cancer.
  2. Pray for healing family relationships between Florence’s father and brother. 
  3. Pray for Doozy to have success with contractor license test
  4. Prayers for all our Pax on IR or fartsacking. Hope to see you all out in the gloom soon.

Good work everyone. Today was tough. See you next time. 


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