Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Graveyard Shift OTB 11/14/22


3 Abominable Snowmen shrugged the fartsack for some 4:30 am Off The Books fun. Here’s what happened :

Warmarama on basketball court : 20 SSH IC, 10 DON Q’S IC, 10 CHERRY PICKERS IC, 10 IMPERIAL WALKERS IC, 10 UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS IC


Triple check : Timer farmer carries two 35 lb dumbbells for a lap around the basketball court; Partner 2 does Merkins; Partner 3 does Doozy Style Navy WWIIs (hands crossed over your chest)

3 sets of Suicides : Each set stop at free throw line, half court, opposite free throw line, opposite end of court

Mosey to Concession Stand

Tripe Check : Timer runs to far side of parking lot and back; Partner 2 does Squats with heels elevated on a curb (This really works your quads); Partner 3 does Balls to the Wall

Mosey to far side of park and into forest trail workout station

5 Sets of 5 Pull Ups/Chin Ups (dealer’s choice)

50 Dips on bench

25 Incline Merkins on bench

Mosey BTTF

50 Flutters IC

50 WWII’s IC


Numbers, Names, YHC took us out in prayer

Prayer Requests : Ongoing healing from the flu for Chaplain and TryHard’s families

Announcements : Remember to look at the Q Sheet for the 4th Weekend of every month to sign up for Breaking Bread. Deliver a meal to the Southside Health Center residents in Medical Respite. There’s probably openings in January and onward.

NMMS : Great job Chap and Big Rig. You guys always push me to get better.


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