Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Everyone is a Runner


It was a bilingual beatdown this chilly autumn morning for eight of Richmonds elite athletes looking to start the week off with a bang. Conditions were clear but crisp 70 degrees.

5.30 hit and off we go for a quick jaunt around the bus loop then line for COP. Introductions, disclaimers were quickly followed by Invisible Jumprope, Helicopters, DQ’s, Jazzercise, Hillbillies and Dead Man Hang. All seemed warm, lets begin:

Quick mosey down Lindsay Court for some additional work. Plank, Merkins and shoulders stretches. Love Hill to get back up. Runner runs, while partner bear crawls, lunges and broad jump burpees.

At the top, lets mosey over to Puckers Park where the real fun begins. Numbers were ideal for a quadruple check. Timer runs the loop, remaining partners do merkins, LBC’s and Monkey Humpers. 4 rounds.

Back to the flag with a Brocode Lindsey along the way. Carolina Drydocks and Heals to Heaven. Various stops along the way.

Still time on the clock for some Broga. Names/Numbers/Announcements. Bodos took us out with some inspiration.

Announcements; Spider Run 10k Turkey Trot – Tuesday 11/22 – route is posted on slack, start time is up to you. HDHH – Hardywood West Creek – Tuesday evening 11/22, starttime around 5ish or at your convenience. Forest Hill Loops – Friday 11/25 at 7 am – Forest Hill Park.

NMS: Great work this morning. Good to see Termite and Tater at Hoedown as the ventured from lands afar. Quadruple Check was a bit more difficult than imagined. Some additional explaining was needed after everyone decided to run. Still some confusion as Doozy and Bodos ran 8 times, you do you. Cooler temps means winter glove season will soon be upon us but it was a great morning. Well done gents.


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