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I signed up for the Q the other day but forgot that today is the day. No problem. Other than a lack of response to Whitesnake’s music last week, I can make up a workout pretty quickly. And so, it went like this:

20 SSH, 10 Don Quixote, 20 IWs, Arm stretch

20 Swings

20 Hammer Curls

20 Upright Rows

20 Triceps

15 Up Sit and Press

20 Press

20 Squats Goblet

20 Renegade Rows

20 Abdominal: Sit-ups with KB as foot anchor

20 Lunges

20 Press Overhead (lie on back next to curb)

20 Hammer Curls

Run around island

11s Squats and Triceps with Waiter carry between locations

10 Burpees

Countdown: 20 Upright rows, 18 Deep Mountain Climbers, 16 Upright rows, 14 Deep Mountain Climbers, etc.

Arm rest plank for 60 counts

15 Swings

15 Hammer Curls

15 Upright Rows

15 Triceps

15 Up Sit and Press

15 Press

15 Squats Goblet

Run around island

Rifle Carry Back to the flag

20 Heels to Heaven, 20 Dollies, 10 Crunchy Frogs

Plank Stretch (right foot/right hand; left foot/left hand)



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YHC with the take-out

Last comment: One our members reported that he and his wife have an annual discussion. She complained that he wakes her up in the morning to go workout. And so, we apparently will be seeing less of him. That’s a loss, not just for him but for us as well. However, the “annual review” concept is interesting. Jokes aside (“satisfactory performance, 2% pay increase”), this idea has merit.


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