Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Eight was great for the latest version of Sunday Funday. Conditions were 70 and sunny. According to the spiders with webs hanging approximately 5 feet 8 inches above the ground, the following might have happened:


Buttermilk, T-Pottersfield Bridge, North Bank. 6.5 miles.

Numbers, names, and YHC has no idea (different guy) who took us out as YHC fled to walk his own pooch.


Solid morning for a run, especially after the darkness burned off. Ripcord set the pace early. With his 5 foot 6 inch torso cutting down the spider webs, YHC experienced only a few higher webs on the early run. Through the twists and turns of the lariat and a stop for water, YHC found himself at the back of the pack when a true F3 gentleman destroyed the trail. Surprisingly, YHC was left behind gasping for clear air and had to stop again to rinse his whole body and clear his lungs of said mustard gas. YHC adapted, overcame.


Breaking Bread needs a Q for the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. November 26. Please sign up! This is our F3RVA collective volunteer activity. Make it a family event, and help out some folks in need.


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