Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Snake Bite


Kicking off November for my first Q at Heartbreak. The rain stayed away but a nice group of 9 did not. We moseyed to the football field and did some warmups of SSH, Rockette Hillbillies (hillbillies with a kick), Freddie Mercury’s, Mercury Freddie’s, Suzanne Somers, Helicopters & Candy Corns (shoulder workout). Then the fun started.

Hit Heartbreak Ridge with a partner. One ran up and down the hill while the other did Burpees at the bottom. Did 51 total per team. Ran back up the hill together and hit the baseball field.

Pax ran the bases while the runner at the end went to the mound to do 5 merkins then went to the front of the line. Did this until all 9 did their merkins. Repeat with the run replaced with a bear crawl–everyone loved that one. Finished with lunges and replaced the 5 merkins with burpees.

Ran back down the hill to the football field and did a quarter pounder (my favorite). 25 merkins at the 25, bernie back to goal line, 51 squats at the 51, bernie back, 75 one count mountain climbers, bernie back and then 100 SSH, bernie back. Repeato (double quarter pounder) with 25 Hand release, 51 WWIIs (groans), 75 lunges. Nixed the 100 smurf jacks for times sake.

Did a lap of a Whitesnake run. Man in the back runs to the front weaving in and out of the pax. A few elbows were thrown but no one got hurt. And somehow 45 minutes were over. Hope I got everyone’s heart rate up to kick start the day.

Great turnout despite the weather warnings the night before. Thanks for letting me host.


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