Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Median age for the boneyard – 49


11 men of various speeds and ages showed up in the temporary gloom at Gridiron. It will be nice when the time changes next weekend.

COP: DQs, CPs, HRMs, MCs, FMs, ACs (I tend to do the same COP exercises). White Deer gave his backblast of approval and a car was a few feet from hitting Chum. Mosey to secondary football field.

E1: Elevens with WWIIs and Diamond merkins. Mosey to bus loop.

E2: Pacer runs the bus loop and the rest alternate between HRMs, Flutter kicks, Jump squats, burpees, heels to heaven, Carolina Dry docks, Pole smokers, Lt. Dans, Dips and V ups. Mosey to basketball court.

E3: Four corners with 10 burpees, 20 2 count MCs, 30 Plank Jacks and 40 SSHs. Back to bus loop

E4: Repeat E2 Mosey to primary football field

E5: Partner wheelbarrows across field run back, Bear crawl across field and bernie back, Lunge and Bernie back. Finish with a one minute elbow plank. Mosey to home base

Finish the morning with American Ukranian hammers (where were you Lighthouse?) and some stretching exercises in front of henrico’s finest putting cones down for the pickle ballers. He approved. Beer mile tonight at Face Plant’s house. I need to sign up for November breaking bread.

Good morning for a workout. Handshake hung out with my college ring dance date; I have not heard her name in 25+ years. Also good to see three PAX under 40 here. Let’s keep that going. Go Penn State (oh heck they are not winning today) and Jets! Enjoy your weekend.

Fireman Ed


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