Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Owl Free Zone


7 strong posted at Mary this morning and here is how it went down.

Mossy to the blacktop for warmup’s

Track work : partner up 10 boyah merkins run track in opposite directions when meet again repeat exercise run back to the start repeat exercise. Repeato but the exercise is Wilson’s boxing cockroach, Repato but the exercise is decline merkins.

Mossy to the pull up bars : Pax does exercise while one does 5 pullups then switch off till everyone is through. Total of 15 pullups per pax member – exercises during pull ups are incline merkins, dips, plank.

Mossy to the blacktop for triple check : team up – runner runs forward to the fence, bernie saunders back exercises are hand release merkins , balls to the wall.

Native American run back to the flag

Ring of Fire – dealers choice 10 merkins – Mary – cross leg lifts and six inches

Excellent job today guys. Great to have The Mayor back joining us for the second time in a row – atta boy keep it up ! Glad to have Grady from F3(Raleigh) joining us in the gloom – come on back any time man! The best news is that while we heard an owl in the distance there was no owl sighting. Which was as you all can imagine a huge relief to Sabbski – poor dude has been attacked 6 times lately – (yep he holds the record for owl attacks).. Hey remember Faceplant has the beer mile coming up Saturday night.

Great way to start the days guys, thanks for allowing me to lead. Now we are ready for the day – GO GET SOME!


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