Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Can I get just one, McRib?


11 Beastmasters made their way to the lush battle fields of No Toll this morning to see what Doozy had cooked up

Mosey to the Basketball court for COP while McRib wheels in hot

DQ’s, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Ukrainian Soldiers, LBC’s, Booty Scooters

Mosey to the pavilion

Freaky Beast

The right side field is for Abs, the left side field is for legs the pavilion is for 10 dips every time your under it. Each round we stop at the center of the right side field for 6 of an exercise then to the end for 6 then back to the center for 6 pass through the pavilion doing 10 dips to the center of the other field for 6 to the end for 6 back to center for 6 back into the pavilion for 10 dips (x6)

Mosey to the parking lot for a quick and dirty four corners, 10 of each exercise (WWII, American Hammers, Scrunchy Frogs, LBC’s)


Your choice 10 Burpees or 10 Big Boy WWII’s

Ab ring of fire PAX holds Lazy boy position while each HIM does 10 of their favorite ab exercise

Snuff decided enough was enough and started the count before YHC had a chance to get everyone their moneys worth

Numbers / Names Florence took us out


McRib decided to try to offer up one of his ribs by slip sliding in the mud as he was running around YHCs feet at the pavilion. Apparently, the sound was much worse than the fall. It sounded like we where going to have to partner carry him to the Emergency Room at Johnston Willis which luckily was closer than the cars. In the end he said he actually fell mostly in the mud and only partly on the concrete and all of his ribs are still intact.


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