Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Ten box hunters gathered, in shorts only of course, for today’s super creative First Watch Q. After Handshake and Marv rolled into their positions, we took a short lap around the lot before COP.


  • DQ x10
  • Arm Circles x15
  • SSH x20
  • Hillbillies x15
  • Mountain Climbers x10
  • Scorpions x10
  • Inverted Scorpions x10
  • LBCs x20

The Thang

Short mosey to the near corner for some fresh air and instructions. 4 corners with 5x burpees, 10x dips, 15x jump squats, 20x WWIIs. Bear crawl the shorts and bernie the lengths. Repeato.

Medium mosey through the carpool lane and settle on the back side of the church for medium sized 4 corners. 10x burpees, 20x merkins, 30x Lt Dans, 40x 2 count flutters. Run length 1, karaoke 2, bernie 3, karaoke 4. Repeato with squats instead of Lt Dans.

Short mosey to the northeast corner and settle for large 4 corners. 20x burpees, 40x CDDs, 60x humpers, 80x LBCs. Run to the corner of river & ridge, carpool entrance, northwest corner, northeast corner.

One burpee then mosey to the traditional COP area for Mary which included HTH, Freddie Mercuries, Reverse Crunches, Dying Cockroaches, APD, right leg high APD, left leg high APD. BTTVSF where Marv improved to take us out.


  • 10/29 beer mile @ Faceplant’s
  • Clydesdale shirts for sale only for the mega chungus in the group. Handshake was first to order.
  • Call your parents for no reason


No overshare this week but the overflatulence award goes to the entire PAX whose GI apparently doesn’t adjust well to the cold weather. Multiple stains ensued.

Marv was the second to last to leave the parking lot and head east. YHC believes that Marv almost went left of the median on ridge, quickly adjusted, barely missed the sign, then scurried home. Only Marv, who likely won’t read this backblast, can confirm or deny.

I enjoyed it fellas. Splinter’s 195159th Q out, but who’s counting.


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