Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Long Poles


5 Godlike Titans rose before the sun and descended onto Bettie Weaver to make themselves better prior to a weekend of debauchery. According the yippy black dog walking his owner around the parking lot, this is what was rumored to have occurred.

4 bootcampers ventured out leaving behind a solo rucker transcended parts unknown or atleast not told. Bootcampers moseyed down to James River High School for quick disclaimer and warm up that included invisible jump rope, helis, cherry pickers, jazzercise, merkins, X planks, LBCs and hello dollies. All seemed warm so we moseyed over to the bus loop:


Triple Check with 4: Timer runs across the parking lot and up the Regimental Tower. Others performed a variety of wall work that included Australian Mountain Climbers, Dirty Hookups and Hoedowns.

Upon completion and the gathering of various clothing items, mosey to the student parking lot for some Parking Lot work: Bear Crawl across the parking lot, stopping at the lines for ascending merkins 1-10. Next round, lunges with ascending squats 1-10. Finished – lets work on those abs

Indigenous Pole Smokers. Grab a pole and hold 6″, Far left person does 3 pole smokers and takes the vacant pole on the other side. Continue the leap frog until the end, which took a long time.

BTTF for quick Not So LazyBoy Mary.

Numbers, Names, Announcements, Prayers:

HDHH – Ponch VQ @ Rock and Roll Tomorrow – 7.00; Veil Brewery on Forest Hill – Thursday 10/20 5.30; Beer Mile 10/29 – See Faceplant for deets.

NMS: No real plan today other than to incorporate some vertical work and long line of pole smokers. Great mumble chatter included scouting youth football, youth Halloween costumes, and upcoming camping trips. Twin Team is always a great AO with tremendous variety of exercises partnered with comradery. Appreciative to this group after an interesting week personally. Great advice and guidance has been a blessing. Thank you for the fellowship and thoughts.


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