Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It was a good day to Q


Despite the gloom, rain, drive time, and injuries 12 men showed up today for my official VQ.


  1. Mosey to the bus loop for some tracers (jog down one line, shuffle to next line and Bernie back. Repeato from one end to other.
  2. Circle up – Welcome. Disclaimer.
  3. YHC led stretches followed by ’muricans.

The Thang:

  1. 11s on the hill: Exercises ”rocky squat” and 2 count ’murican hammers. Sprint to top, rocky squat (squat + jab/jab = 1), back to bottom. Started 10:1 squat to hammer, finished 1:10 squat to hammer. 20 count
  2. To the poles!: 10 light poles. 1:2:3 ratio of Burpees/Dry docks/LBCs. Jog between poles. Begin at Pole 1 and build up reps to Pole 5, back down reps to pole 10. Example: Pole 1 (1/2/3)…Pole 4 (4/8/12)…Pole 5 (5/10/15)…Pole 6 (4/8/12)…Pole 10 (1/2/3). Al Gore for six. 20 count.
  3. Bear crawl booyahs: Mosey to tennis courts. Grab partner. Face partner along width of tennis court. Bear crawl accross the court and complete 1 rep booyah (1 rep is 2 pushups with a hand slap with partner). Recover and jog back to line perform 1 squat. Repeato until Pax built up to 5x reps.
  4. Comanche Run: Mosey to track. In honor of the Comanches the Pax rocked two laps around the track (jog as Pax with sprints to front). Stopped at bleachers after lap 1 for two rounds of incline pushups and dips (10 x each).
  5. Quick Triple check: Mosey back towards the flag. YHC needed some filler. Groups of 3, A-man: wall sit, B-man: LBC, C-man: sprint to cargo container (about 20 yards).
  6. Final countdown – 2x COP. Circle up. Pax holds plank. Go around the circle 2x, with each dude performing 5 ‘muricans. Extra points for style points.

Time! I am spent at this point.

Wrap up:

  1. Numbers/Names.
  2. Announcements:
    1. Beer mile 10/29/22 (11th Annual – Shawn G Hogan)
    2. Happy Hour at Veil (Forrest Hill location) – 10/20/22
  3. YHC prayed us out. Gave thanks for our ability to get together as Pax. Prayers for health of our family and friends

Final thoughts:

F3 brought me in with the fitness. Getting to know you guys and crushing reps side by side every day reinforces what the Pax is all about. Each of you had a role in encouraging me to step up and lead a Q. I appreciate it.

P.S. If you want to learn more about the Comanches check out ”Empire of the Summer Moon.”


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