Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Chicken Leg Expansion Pack


4 strong at the wee hours AO that we affectionately call The Graveyard Shift. Here is a brief summary for your viewing pleasure:

Mosey to the tennis courts for warm up:
Ukranian Soldiers, Monkey Love Makers, SSH’s, Suzanne Somers, LBC’s, Hand Release Merkins
AND Lunges with a twist, Mario Jumps, Squatting Side Shuffles x2, Mummy Bernies all across the court.

Exercise One: 10 rounds of 25 squats w/10 seconds rest

Exercise Two: Team Triple Double Check
Runners go to the flag and back.
Non-Runners complete the following:
Rd 1: Decline Merkins on the grass hill – little steeper than I thought!
Rd 2: Dips
Rd 3: Hero Plank Jacks (plank jack with shoulder taps)

Exercise Two: Four Corners – 25 jump squats, 50 monkey humpers, 75 calf raises, 100 Mountain Climbers

Exercise Three: Crab Walk across the tennis courts

Exercise Four: Bear Crawl to the road sign.

Back to the Flag for Names/Numbers/Announcements/Prayer Requests

YHC took us out.

Final Thoughts: The Graveyard Shift is swelling in numbers! Great to see Mudslide – he has been very active and checking out a lot of different workouts. Really enjoyed hearing about Big Rig’s first 10k over the weekend. Well done, sir. Not really sure why Florence refers to himself as having Chicken Legs – he seems pretty strong. Enjoyed it fellas!


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