Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The In Law Suite


Twelve animals on 2 legs and one animal on 4 legs hit the gridded streets around Mary this AM for today’s iteration of RAMM. 5:00 runners launched at, well, 5:00, while the rest launched at 5:30. Only 6s and 4s today so here we go:

The Route

  • North on Westmoreland then left on Patterson
  • Right on Willow Lawn
  • Right on Monument
  • Left on Staples Mill
  • Right on Fitz Hugh
  • Right on Antrim
  • Right on Grove
  • 6s take two detours off Antrim. First was a right on Augusta, left on Chantilly, left on Cutshaw. Second was a right on Grace, left on Blacker, left on Monument


  • Beer mile recruiting in full effect. 10/29, see Faceplant
  • Prayers for the (S)MILs and FILs in our lives
  • Shakedown is painting with balls tomorrow at 10am. See him for details.


YHC couldn’t help but inquire into in-law status after Faceplant put at teaser on Slack. Great mumblechatter ensued for what seemed like more than half the route. Good luck!

Welcome Mall Cop from Charlotte. Recently moved to Church Hill and can run anywhere from a 630 pace to a 1000 pace. Hope to see more of you in RVA.

See y’all soon.



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