Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Daville Takeover Substi-Q : Who Ya Gonna Call?


When a PAX is sick, and you need a Q, who you gonna call? Florence! 13 Bootcampers and 5 Runners showed up at Midlothian Middle expecting a Davillian to Q but they were yet again shocked by a surprise Florence Q two weeks in a row. I guess this is becoming a theme? Here’s what the joggers saw :

Runners – Honeymoon, Don Draper, Tobit, Rosetta and Boberry got in 5 miles with some speed and pace work at Midlo High School.

Bootcampers did the following –

Warmarama : 20 SSH IC, 10 Don Q’s IC, 10 Cherry Pickers IC, 10 Imperial Walkers IC, 10 Ukrainian Soldiers IC


Did a Fartlek with BLIMPS. Each stop we did a full set of BLIMPS (5 Burpees, 10 Lunges DOUBLE COUNT, 15 Imperial Walkers DOUBLE COUNT, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jax, 30 Squats). Got in 7 rounds of BLIMPS before time expired.


Numbers, Names, YHC took us out in prayer after COT.

Prayers for Opus who isn’t feeling well and was supposed to Q today.

NMMS : YHC got a Slack message at 9 pm last night from Corned Beef asking for a Substi-Q. With it being that late, YHC wasn’t going to tell him to look for someone else. Maybe next week YHC will finally be able to get in a run at SOT? Who knows. Enjoyed some 2nd F coffeeteria afterwards with Duke, Honeymoon, POG, Belichick, Bullseye and Bobber at Great Harvest since school is off today for the 2.0’s.


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