Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Unmentionables in the gloom


11 dedicated HIM set their alarms a bit earlier than normal to come together and talk about things that probably should not be repeated in polite company. According to the bats in the church bell tower, the following may have occurred:

Mosey from the VSF to the brick pavers in front of the entrance to the Baptist church for COP, consisting of 45 SSH’s, Deadman Hang, Downword Dogs, Merkins, Don Quixote, Arm circles (big then small), & Hillbillies

Mosey back to the parking lot to pick up coupons…..1 for every PAX. Mosey to the middle of the parking lot for parking lot circles with the block. We all did overhead press, curls, and block swings followed by overhead carry, lunge, and reverse lunges for a full circuit of the lot.

Mosey to the grassy triangle with blocks for a circuit of murdered bunnies. Start at the southern end of the triangle and murder bunny north to the first tree, jog back to the start and do 5 merkins, crab walk back to your block and murder bunny further north to the 2nd tree, jog back and do 10 merkins, then bear crawl back to your block and murder bunny north to the 3rd tree, jog back and do 15 merkins, then lunge back to your block and murder bunny the rest of the way to the fence, jog back and do 20 merkins. We did Al Gore for the 6 after each leg.

Mosey back to the parking lot to return the coupons, then mosey back to the bricks in front of the church for birthday burpees and abs. Do 1 burpee, then an ab exercise, then 2 burpees, another ab exercise, on upward to 9 burpees so we did 9 sets of ab exercises….usually 20 reps IC of each. Ab exercises included: Freddie Mercuries, Hello Dollies, Flutter Kicks, Dying Cockroaches, Crunchy Frogs (I think?), American Hammers, LBC’s, and something else. Once completed, mosey back to the VSF for numberama, namerama, and YHC took us out.


YHC rolled in hot today with about 2 minutes to spare prior to launch. Several PAX expressed having doubted whether YHC would show and seemed to be quite relieved that they did not have to pivot to a hot potato. YHC was happy to be there to celebrate (belatedly) his birthday F3 style. For those that weren’t aware, YHC was out of town this past weekend, enjoying time at family at a location that will remain nameless. All I will say is it was an island and there was a beach.

YHC was appreciative of the moral support during the birthday burpess/abs session. There was some confusion as to which ab exercise a “crunchy frog” actually is, and the PAX was very gracious in letting YHC know that the exercise that I thought was a “crunchy frog” is actually a “dying cockroach”. YHC ran over the total workout time by about 2 minutes and again, the PAX were very understated and kind about how they let YHC know about that as well. Everyone seemed to be appreciative of the extra time needed to complete the 45 burpees each to celebrate YHC’s birthday.

Mumblechatter was at an all time high today, with several stories and comments that would make a lady of the night blush. Next time you see EF Hutton, ask him about precocious puberty……or maybe don’t, especially if you’ve just eaten. Splinter had some choice analogies with regards to arm circles…big then small…..full then partial. I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest.

OOTW involved activities that kids sometimes walk into unexpectedly that they could go through their entire lives without seeing and be the better for it. Once seen, some things in life cannot be unseen. Properly engaged locks are an often underappreciated blessing.

Coffee afterwards was enjoyable as always and it was great to have BT join us following WDog. It seems Hitchiker’s absence resulted in a lack of caffeine post workout that sent the PAX looking for alternate sources. Glad to accomodate boys! #FirstWatch is 30 minutes earlier but Starbucks is right down the street.

YHC is thankful on this, his 45th birthday, for the 8 years he has been involved in F3. These friendships have sustained me during some really hard times and you also helped me build maybe the most robust shed that has ever been raised in RVA. Thanks for everything boys!

Fudd out.


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