Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Party Crashers


Fifteen elite athletes plus one crotch sniffer huddled for elaborate, but simple directions for today’s Spider Run. Even Flatline knew where he was going today. Routes were declared as follows:


  • Everyone head up UR drive and take a right on Campus to Three Chopt
  • 4 milers take the access road then a left on St. Christophers, right on Patterson
  • 5/6 milers take a quick left then a right on Pepper. Left on Hanover, right on Ripley
  • 5 milers right on Patterson
  • 6 milers left on Patterson, right on Charles, right on West Marshall, right on some road, left on Patterson
  • Everyone east on Patterson to a right on Maple
  • Quick detour to the St. Chris track for one lap (opposite direction just to screw with people), waving to Gypsy and other F3 brothers getting track work in
  • Back south on Maple, right on Grove
  • Down Iris around the golf course and BTTF (courtesy Flatline)


  • Prayers were needed today for two acquatences of the PAX
  • PAX is always here to offer assistance

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.


Picture perfect (albeit dark) morning for arachnid galloping. Given the declared routes were in the heart of owl territory, and YHCs group included 50% owl assault victims, Faceplant decided to run waving his arms above his head. He lasted 5 seconds before determining that would not last the entire run, accepting the risk was low as a redwood was running by his side.

Heck of a party at St Chris track in the morning. Only Gypsy will be able to comment if our clockwise running caused chaos after our one lap and then exit.

Great to see everyone this morning. Lend a helping hand to those around you.

Splinter out.


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