Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Smith Mountain Lake’s new Marty Byrd ?


10 towering redwoods were happy for the cooler weather and easier breathing.

5mi Route was into the Canturbury rabbit warren and true to form we missed at least one turn. Glad that the PAX know the AO better – we can now be more creative.

4milers grousing about the return route along pump jeopardizing their running safety missed the suggestions for a reduced traffic route. After 2 attempts, YHC let them find their own route.

All ran happy.

5mi Canturbury route

YHC likes this route as the slow climb on the back end is good training. The reverse route seems more challenging thanks to the steepness of climb on Raintree (left on the elevation below) – but this route has the same climb more gradually. Moreover compared to other places – this is mild.

YHC took us out. Prayers for all facing daily health, personal, and spiritual growth challenges, Amy (Gypsy’s Sister), Carson (Roger Roger’s 2.0), and Whitesnake avoiding becoming the next Marty Byrd for foreign family centric business in the greater Roanoke area.

Coffeeteria at Dunkin.


  • Convergence 730a GridIron 9/24; park in front of the school if you can; coffeeteria on site after; see preblast
  • SitNSip. Amelia county 2p 9/24; see preblast
  • Shawn Hogan Beer Mile 10/29; see Faceplant

NMS – We are blessed with many things, and there are plety of challenges – lets not make us stuff to be upset about. It is sad that there are some that are trying to cause strife (and worse) for others, but most do not. Most people dont wake up in the morning planning to harm others – many do not know that their pursuits harm others. Those of us with the intent and energy are called to meet everyone with kindness and hope for the best in others – we can be transformative for so many.


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