Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Farmer Fran Runs on Clouds


An unknown number of participants started at various times and arrived at various times, all of which contributed to today’s RAMM (Gears). After Hitch scurried home to change into a long sleeve shirt, there were 4 of us for the proper 0530 launch time. Routes were declared as follows:


  • East on Grove
  • 4s left on Hamilton, 6s left on Boulevard
  • Left on Patterson
  • Right on Commonwealth
  • Right on Monument
  • Left on Hamilton
  • Left on Broad (for 1 block) then continue west on Fitz-Hugh
  • Left on Commonwealth


  • Big day in F3RVA tomorrow
    • 8Y Anniversary Convergence @0730 @Gridiron
    • TYA has the bridge, perhaps solo… depends on someone’s wife
    • Sit & Sip, see slack
  • Epic scrimmage between Marv & BTs 2.0 against YHCs 2.0 Sunday. It will be a beautiful day to play 2.

Numbers, names, and YHC took us out, just like the wind pulls us along.


The air made a few of the PAX frisky this AM. One made reference to the rhythm method while another mentioned an injury from parkour (YHC heard hard core, which is a completely different type of activity). One clam was so happy he rubbed his chest (read nipples) to warm up post run, then graced us with a shirt to erase the memory.

Apologies to the 4 milers who apparently can’t follow directions. Glad you were still able to get 4 miles. Yep, that’s how we apologize in this here parts.

A flurry of Gears crew arrived right as YHC was leaving. Ping on slack if I missed you and you want credit.




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