Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Howdy, Partner


It was YHC’s first Q at Circus and with an even 6 attendees we did lots of partner work. After some quick warmups of SSH, IW, Hillbilly’s, Cherry Pickers, & DQ, we moseyed to the bus loop with a partner.

Catch me if you can: Partner A carried both kettle bells while Partner B did 10 hand release merkins and then caught up to Partner A and switched. Second time around the loop merkins were replaced with 20 LBCs. We then moseyed back to the parking lot and got a new partner..

100 Partner Burpees. Partner A carried both bells to the island, left them and ran back. Partner B did Burpees until A came back. Flapjack as B runs to the island and carries the bells back. Finished after the team did 100 burpees.

300, I mean 200 Partner Swings. Similar to above but Rifle Carry and Swings. Said 300 but had us stop at 200.

We did some helicopters for a break and then did some individual ladders:

  1. Waiter carry right hand 5 parking spaces, come back left hand waiter carry, then 10 standing chest presses. Then go to the 4th parking space and repeat down to one parking space.
  2. Same idea but with rifle carry and 10 standing Tricep presses/overhead extensions

Ended with some partner work at the picnic benches. Partner A does step ups with the bell, Partner B runs around a column at the front of the school and back. Flapjack. Finish after 200 step ups (100 each leg).

Definitely got the heart rate up this morning and my shoulders still haven’t recovered since Gridiron. Glad to give Atilla a break from Q and hope I am welcomed back (will sign up anyway…).

Prayer requests: White Deer has Covid and Whitesnake (me) got the “your position has been eliminated” call just yesterday. So pray for all our white animal friends.

See you all at the Convergence on Saturday at 7:30 Pouncey Track Park/Gridiron.


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