Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

On a Tuesday


13 men met the day to post on the lush fields of NoToll. Today marked 8 years to the day that F3RVA planted its first shovel flag. With the 2014 jukebox in tow , this is how it went down:

Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found him – indigenous people run with 2 burpees to pavilion 


Merkin jacks 1-4, 2-8, 3-12, 4-16, 5-20, back down

wokrouts are held rain or shine outdoors. plenty of work in the wet fields.


100 pole smokers 

200 dips

300 squatS

Run to side line , Bernie back

X marks the spot 

20 merkins in middle

20 SSH

20 monkey jumpers

20 LBCs

20 jump squats 

Each work out peer led in a rotating fashion we are not personal trainers. 5 MOM. numbers names, Snuff took us out. come out Saturday at 730 at Gridiron for 8 yr celebration with sit and sip later that day!


YHC is proud to call the PAX of F3RVA brothers. it has changed YHCs life for the better! love the mumble chatter that the tunes bring


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