Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where did this fence come from?


YHC decided to go to the Wellesley basketball court for some court fun and the surrounding hills. And if anyone thought a new court AND a new fence surrounding the court would stop us from running the hills, they were mistaken.

We first ran to the court from the flag and started with some warmups of DQ, IW, Flutters and Freddies. The new Sport Court looks super nice but it is not soft. Those without gloves also soon learned it was not kind to bare hands. We bear crawled to the mid line, did one burpee, crabbed to the end, two burpees, and did the same the way back with three and then four burpees.

Did some corner exercises with a 20 counts of LBC (4 times), Squats (3 times), 2 count MCs (2 times) and Merkins (once). And I noted the complaints that we did not have to do more of each exercise.

So that is when we went around the fence and did some 7’s up the hill with Burpees and JumpSquats. The “Pigskin Special”. Our feet were now all wet and it was time to run back. We did a total of 3.2 miles running plus the other exercises.

It was great to meet Papi from ATL. He joined the regulars on a perfect weather Wednesday. Getting to watch the heavens above while working out is always a treat.

“I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time”


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