Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s a Bear Thing


A, reportedly, record breaking 14 men were seen in the gloom on this sub 60 degree, well before the crack of dawn, First Watch.

An interesting note before we get started…

–Who knew that some of the guys really do get together at 4:30 for Yoga. Here I was, this fledgling member of First Watch, thinking that the chatter on the text was pretty much tongue in cheek. No Sir. When they say that they are on the mat at 4:30 am, they are on the mat at 4:30am. I would say that I would never do that…but then again, I can remember thinking that I’d never do First Watch, yet here I am.

It’s been awhile since YHC, HC’ued a boot camp style workout. When I say awhile, I probably mean over three years. Reading that in print is pretty embarrassing, YHC needs to probably jump into that a little more. That being said, we decided to go THEMATIC for the morning…”Build a Bear”.

The Thang…

The morning got off to an auspicious start with a huge freaking crane where we planned to circle up to warm up. That moved the circle to the relatively damp grass in front of the soon to be under construction church (either that or someone just left a crane there).

10 Donkey Hoetees. 10 Helicopters. 20 Side Straddle Hops. 15 arm circles forward, 15 arm circles backwards. 10 mercans. 10 Ukranian Freedom Fighters

Mosey south on River to Country Squire Lane.

The “Build A Bear” instructions were, apparently, lacking to some of the Pax and the mumble chatter ramped up a bit. Fair enough. Essentially, we were going to do three different sets of partner exercises on three different hills around the neighborhood…each having to do with a bear (Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear (thanks for the assist on that one Kubota), Polar Bear). Whichever “Bear” exercise you did for your first one, you could NOT do at the next location. Had YHC had to do it over again, he would’ve said “We are going to three locations over the course of the Q, this is our first one, you have to choose one of the three Bear exercises…whichever one you choose, you cannot do in the next two heats.” But it didn’t come out that way.

Handshake mentioned that while YHC can run fast, I’m not that efficient. That’s been a lifelong struggle, but I also invite Handshake to run with me on Friday morning for 45 minutes.

The Q went up the Country Squire hill by the Goodwin house, which I think is finally finished. Or maybe it’s close to finished and they just park their crane by the church on off days.

Q then went down Westham Station road and “Built the Bear” (get it?) on Overlook Drive.

Arm Circles and Mercans at the bottom of the hill.

Q then went up Westham Station road and “Built the Bear” up to Ross.

Arm Circles and Mercans at Ross.

“Built the Bear” (the 4th time, alternationg from Polar Bear to Bear Crawl to Crawl Bear” back to Country Squire Road.

Executed three Richard Kimballs on the way back to the flag.

COT–Iron Cross, 20 American Hammers, Spell “Build a Bear”, Superman’s (with song), 10 Mercans

YHC Took Us Out.

Great to have Monroe visiting us from Wilson, NC.


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