Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Triple Triple Triple Triple Check


12 Huguenots posted for a Florence 4 Year Anniversary Q. Cindy joined us for the celebration :

Warmarama on basketball court : 20 SSH IC, 10 Don Q’s IC, 10 Cherry Pickers IC, 10 Ukrainian Soldiers IC, 10 Imperial Walkers IC, 10 Merkins IC


Get 4 Cinderblocks and bring them back to basketball court. Partner up for copious amounts of Triple Checks

Triple Check 1 : Timer runs to bathroom and back, Partner 2 does Overhead Press, Partner 3 does WWII’s

Triple Check 2 : Timer runs to bathroom and back, Partners 2 does Curls, Partners 3 does LBC’s

Triple Check 3 : Timer runs to bathroom and back, Partner 2 does Overhead Tricep Extensions, Partner 3 does Flutter Kicks

Triple Check 4 : Timer runs to bathroom and back, Partner 2 does Kettle Bell Swings, Partner 3 does American Hammers

Put Cindy’s back

Nancy had to head out at this point but the rest of the PAX moseyed to parking lot next to soccer fields for 4 corners with running in between corners : 25 merkins at Corner 1, 25 Freddie Mercuries DOUBLE COUNT at Corner 2, 25 Squats at Corner 3, 25 Merkins at Corner 4

Mosey BTTF


Numbers, Names, YHC took us out after COT

Prayers for Gumbo’s M’s uncle who has a brain tumor

Announcements : Sat 9/24 Convergence and Retreat; Sat 10/29 Shawn Hogan Memorial Beer Mile; Keep an eye out from Gumbo and company on a January “Icy Triangle” 9 mile run starting at Dog Pile

NMMS : Thankful for 4 years of F3. It’s gotten better every year in my opinion, mainly because I’m putting more into it over time. You get out of it what you put in. Great to see Fiona and McRib consistently posting. Fiona could pass for a Hardywood doppelganger in the Gloom.

Proverbs 11:24-25 NIV :

24One person gives freely, yet gains even more;

another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.

25A generous person will prosper;

whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.


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Joined F3 in Tallahassee FL on 9/12/18 during Hurricane *Florence*. Brother-in-Law Bocephus from F3 Charleston SC was responsible for the EH. Moved to Richmond in August 2020 and been rollin with F3RVA ever since.

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