Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking and Entering, Misdemeanor?


With BRR live, five men took to the mean streets surrounding Godwin HS in their honor.  According to the interweb, the route should have been a public hair shy of 5 miles, though Gypsy’s watch said otherwise.  Nonetheless appropriate mileage was accomplished.  Here’s where they went:

The Route

  • R on Pump
  • L on Ridgefield
  • R on Copperas
  • R on Little League Drive
  • Follow main road up and around TSI Training Center
  • Exit TLL complex passing Field 10 over to Field 4 and through the pathway
  • L on John Rolfe
  • R on Pump
  • Finish with a loop of Godwin

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


YHC figured numbers would be low with many of the Currahee regulars in the mountains, but was happy to see 4 other smiling faces.  YHC swears the route when mapped was 4.88 miles but will plan routes closer to 6 next time to keep everyone happy.  Tuckahoe Little League was surprisingly locked up, though far from secure.  A quick shimmy through the loosely chained gate and the PAX was on its way.  Enjoy the weekend.


  • Gypsy has pre-run at GridIron tomorrow
  • Convergence and Retreat – 9/24
  • Ruck if interested in October – See Gomer
  • Beer mile in October – See Faceplant
  • Prayers for the BRR teams – watch where you step when exiting the van

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