Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dry Spell


7 tough guys expecting rain missed out on the 3:00 am downpour and here is what transpired

COP under the covered bus loop- lots of stretching, Lighthouse has noticed YHC likes to stretch

Mosey to PES Bus Loop for a Triple Check – P1 Pole Smokers, P2 Flutter Kicks, P3 run the to the bottom of the Bus Loop and Bear Crawl back x 3 rounds

Dips x 20 followed by Donkey Kicks x 20 x 3 rounds

Decline HRM’s x 20 followed by 20 Squats x 2 rounds, 1 round of 30 Ben

30 Bench Kicks x 1 round

Mosey to the Pull Up Bars – Triple Check – P1 5 Pull Ups, P2 Squats x 3 rounds

Mosey back to the Quioccassin Middle School Bus Loop. Each person call out an exercise we previously completed and do a round of 10.

Mosey back to the Flag for 2 minutes of stretching to close.

Announcements – 8 year convergence on 9/24 @ 7:30 at Gridiron followed by the Sit and Sip at Gomers Uncles place. Faceplant is planning the annual Shawn G Hogan Beer Mile sometime in October

NMS – good crew today. It was good to see Tater and Pinto, it had been a while that YHC has had the opportunity to workout with them. Glad to see Lasso. Rare appearance by Hutton at Heartbreak. We missed Honeydo, but as Atilla pointed out it would have been two days in row. Always good to see Lighthouse and hear/smell Atilla.


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