Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Tour of the Lakes


What should have been a unique exploration of RVA’s most bucolic and sprawling AO’s lovely lakes turned out to be a brutal death march.  Nevertheless, 9 brave souls answered the call, soldiered on to the end and got this beat down done.  

COP: arm circles, cherry pickers, DQs, SSHs, Mt climbers, WWIIs & Merkins.  

The Thang:

At Shields Lake, we partnered up and Wheelbarrowed for 20 steps, then lunged together (20 single count), then switched positions for another 20 steps of Wheelbarrows, followed up by a 20 count run, before we Rinsed and Repeated.  Audible: Only 10 lunges and 40 count run.  This helped us make it around the entire lake.  

Next up, 7 of Diamonds at Swan Lake.  We did 7 Jump Squats at every 7th “land mark” (benches, light poles, trees, trashcans, whatever), then 14 Merkins, 21 American Hammers, 28 SSHs, 21 AHs,14 & 7.  

Since we were pretty well whipped at this point, YHC decided against moseying to Boat Lake in Byrd Park for Burpees.  

Instead, we did a quick Love Street (bear crawls, lunges and broad jump burpees) on the way BTTF, followed by a slow, shuffling Native American run.  With a minute remaining, we knocked out some Freddy Mercurys.  

COT: Numbers.  Names.  
Announcements: DTH shared on GP’s Leadership zoom mtg about the Acceleration happening SOJ and YHC has been inspired to create a Shield Lock in the West End.  This has been a missing piece of F3 for YHC and something lacking in the region.  Check out F2L and QSource, create a group, or text me (804-615-3739) for details and join our group.  We are not yet the men God has designed us to be and there is growth to be had.  The only person to compare yourself to is yourself yesterday.  You just gotta be a little better than that guy.  

The BRR launches next week.  Shout out to TYA and Vinny for organizing all the many logistics.  

Face Plant will be hosting the annual Shawn G. Hogan Beer Mile soon.  F/u w/ him for details.  

Labor Day Convergence is on Monday, 9/5/22 at Dog Pile with Florence Qing.  Come get some.  Ellwood Thompson afterward.  

F3RVA will celebrate 8 years on 9/24/22.  Convergence at Grid Iron.  7am start time.  Technically, no other AOs should be operating this morning.   Let’s all celebrate together at Grid Iron!  

Later that day (9/24), GP’s Family Farm in Amelia will host the annual Sit and Sip.  Starts at 1pm.  There was mumblechatter about hoping Hardywood will bring a llama or at least some special bread.  

YHC took us out.  

Keep on Accelerating gents!


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