Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beast Week – Part Deux


 A lucky PAX of 7 embraced the KB gloom for a beginning of school year beat-down.  Here is how it went down:

  • COP
    • SSH
    • Ukrainian soldiers
    • Dead man hang
    • Helicopters
    • Arm circles
    • Stretch
    • Merkins
    • LBC
  • KB Beast – different exercise and different means of traversing the length of the bus loop
    • Sit ‘n press and KB carry
    • High pulls and right-hand overhead carry
    • Curls and left-hand overhead carry
    • Swings and death crawl
    • Tricep press and weighted lunges
    • Halos and around the world
  • COT with YHC taking us out

YHC is making his week of Qs “Beast Week.”  Wonder what is in store for Saturday at Gridiron…

Death crawls suck!   Also, t-claps to Offshore for having a weight that matches his non-hate age. 

Safe travels Pigskin!  No trimming or shortening of the mustache while you are away.

Convergence on Monday at Dogpile at 7 am.

Good is good all of the time!



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