Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



14 studs posted to SOT for a Tryhard Running Bootcamp. Some were happier about then others, but everyone got a good sweat and did stuff they’d have never done alone. 


  • Mosey over to Mount Midlo and circle up for an F3 Welcome, Disclaimer, and brief outline of the plan
  • The Plan: Run a big loop, stopping a bunch of times to work out (YHC hadn’t planned exactly what exercises, but it worked out OK)
  • 31 days in August, so we started with 31 reps, then moseyed a ways, and stopped for 30 reps, then moseyed a ways, then stopped for 29 reps….and on and on…some in cadence, some OYO
  • Gumbo called out the fact that YHC shouldn’t be calling a mosey between stops when YHC was taking off at full running speed – “Noted good Sir!
  • YHC also messed up and gifted the PAX an extra rep around COP #14, which got the Grumblechatter going
  • To be fair Duke had already been leading the Grumblechatter from the get go, but corporate grief sharing was going strong toward the end of our “little” run
  • We were down to the 8 Rep mark by the time we got BTTF, and Rosie was kind enough to help YHC’s oxygen deprived brain come up with some rapid fire exercises (he has great experience with this doing the annual 12 Days of Christmas)
  • We finished with x1 Burpee, which the PAX gladly completed given that was not called earlier!
  • Was great to meet McRibb this morning, and to get to see some other deep South homies that aren’t usually at YHC’s usual stomping grounds (NoToll/Forge/R&R). 
  • Will definitely work to be out at SOT more often!!!


  • Counterama # 14
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Below)
  • YHC took the PAX out in Prayer


Prayer Request: Rosie shared a prayer request for a family who suddenly lost a husband/father named Jeff, who died in his sleep. He has a kid entering freshman year of high school. If this doesn’t break your heart and cause you to hold your loved ones close, not sure what would. Not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow, so I hope you’ll be challenged to ask yourself the “What What” – “What happens to me and my loved ones when I die?”, and “What does that change about how I’m living my life today?” 


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