Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This is a mountain not a hill


Day 2 of a great downrange weekend with DTH and Greenbow, several FNGs to introduce to the F3 brotherhood.

Well when you’re on a mountain what else can you do but run up and down if?


DQ’s – 5 Burpees, Helicopters – 4 Burpees, Hillbillies – 3 Burpees, Copperhead Squats – 2 Burpees, ? – 10 Burpees

Mosey to an area we call the old infirmary Partner up (YHC played the shadow for one group)

Partner 1 Bear Crawl up grass hill, Partner 2 does exercise, switch. Exercises are Dips, Derkins, Step ups

Mosey to big hill do some Lunges, Butt Kickers, High knees, and Murder Bunnies to get there

On the big hill Elevens with American Hammers and Scrunchy Frogs This hill is so steep that an audible is called to make the higher side a descending run, so each set is one light post shorter. Once you get to 5-6 stay at the bottom for 6-5 then start going back to the top

Mosey BTTF Numbers / Names DTH took us out


With a big hike coming up later in the afternoon YHC was asked to not do elevens with Ball Dippers, squats and Bernies on the big hill like last year. YHC decided that was probably a good decision but needed to still incorporate the big hill. Welcome to F3 Nation to all our FNGs this weekend today YHC got to name Mountaineer who is 61 (respect, respect) and normally does Cross Fit back home in WV near Morgantown.


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