Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ask Singer What Day It Is


Fifteen pounders and peddlers congregated before and after today’s main event. Singer interrupted the instructions to tell a story about what today means to him before allowing YHC to continue. Instructions were simple, and unless mother nature made you detour, the routes were followed.


  • Everyone head south on Commonwealth and into Windsor Farms
  • Berkshire to Sulgrave to Caterbury before exiting to go north on Malvern
  • Right on Grove
  • 4s left on Hamilton
  • 5s left on Tildon
  • 6s left on Boulevard
  • Everyone left on Patterson
  • Left on Bunting
  • Left on Grove

Numbers, names, and YHC took us out


  • The bridge needs a last minute Q for tomorrow. See TYA
  • Flannel Q tomorrow at Dogpile
  • The newly established Pronunciation Guild will meet every other Friday to discuss various southern vs northern pronunciations. Today’s examples were Buchanan, Buckingham, and Worcester


Mary is dark these days. I put the over/under at 311.5 days until the light in the parking lot gets fixed. Regardless, we know each other well enough to identify each other by our shadows.

Route itself was flat today, exactly what YHC needed to feel good about a run. Thanks for the 6s for sticking with me, most of the time.

Apparently post Mary has turned into somewhat of a Broga session. I’m not sure who led the charge, but 6 or 7 finished the run up with some stretching. Conversation was light and jovial until Saab started stretching Swirly out. That thinned the crowd out real quick. PSA: You can likely find some new athletic shorts on back to school sale this weekend.

Enjoy the day fellas.



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