Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Naked Mile Part Deux Filming?


9 Ryan Reynolds doppelgangers met for the casting call for 2023 summer blockbuster that has yet to be named. According to the top notch security and catering crews this is what occurred.

Regular parking location was coned off by Snuff last night so we relocated to a lower deck that seemed adequate. Quick mosey to the front of the school to warm up with Invisible Jump Rope, DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, Freddies, APD and some Dead Man Hang. Warm…. lets head to the turf.

RED BARCHETTA: Short Mosey past the amphitheater and thru Snuff’s Gate to the plush turf fields. Red Barchetta was the call. 100 yard sprint followed by 100 merkins (1st one completed calls out). Slowsy back to the starting point. 75 yard sprint – 75 squats with a slowsy back. 50 yard spring, 50 World War II’s, slowsy back. 26 yard sprint – 26 lunges (single count), slowsy back. 10 yard bear crawl, 10 burpees OYO.

DORA: Move up to the open space behind the bleachers. Partner up for a DORA- 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 Monkey Humpers, 300 LBCs. Timer runs the bleacher loop.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: Mosey back thru Snuffs Gate and partner up. Bernie up the road to Forest Hill until overtaken by partner who performed 1 LT. Dan and sprinted to catch.

POLE WORK: Heading back to the flag, stop at every pole along Forest Hill alternating between 1 burpee and 2 LT. Dan.

Numbers, Names, Announcements. Draper took us out.

Announcements: Florence is leading the Labor Day Convergence at Dog Pile Monday Sept. 5th at 7 am. Coffee after. Prayers for Dealer and his family in preparation for the upcoming arrival of their son. Good luck to House Party with starting a new job. Prayers for those out injured or not able to join us today. Hopefully they are back on their feet and into the gloom soon.

NMS: YHC noticed a good amount of activity at Huguenot during a predawn scouting mission. Seems they are using Thompson or the high school for filming of “Swagger” and not the 4th American Pie sequel as YHC had hoped. Seems the turf fields have much to offer as the gate seems to remain open if we respectfully keep it closed after use. Humidity seems to have crept back in but still a good morning to welcome back Dealer and Sundance, who is now becoming a regular. Great work men, enjoy the day.


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