Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ready for some football?


A lucky 13 All Pros worked hard this morning to get ready for the season. With my first bootcamp Q at Gridiron, we stayed on the football fields and did the following:

Warmups in the center of the field of SSH, DQ and Imperial Walkers. White Deer complained it was very cookie cutter so…

Gathered in one end zone and worked our way to the other to score a TD. Fought through 10 burpees at the 10yd line, 20 Merkins at the 20yd, 30 two count Hammers and the 30, 40 LBCs at 40yd and 50 Smurf Jacks at the 50 then 40 LBCs at the 40, etc until you scored.

Unfortunately, I told them the game was now tied so we had to do it again (groans).

After the repeat, we did a Quarter Pounder. Ran to 25 yd, 25 Merkins, Bernie Sanders back to goal line, then run to 50, 50 two count mountain climbers and Bernie back, run to 75, 75 plank shoulder taps, Bernie back, run to goal line, 100 SSHs, Bernie back.

We then got lazy and did a Lazy Dora: 100 merkins (one did 10 while the other planked then rotate), 200 LBCs (one did 20 LBCs, partner kept legs 6 inches from ground and rotated), 300 Squats (one did 30, other did standing peoples chair).

Went to a triple check of dips, step ups and running the width of the field and back.

Then with some inspiration from Polly, we went to the lower field and did the 5 man football sled. With White Deer and Blue Moon standing and motivating us on the sled, the group rotated pushing it ~10 yards. We did this 3-4 times each. Followed that with some football drills of up-downs on my call while running in place and then some mountain climbers with me calling “left’ or “right” and the pax rolling in that direction and then back to climbers.

Went back to the start and did some Freddie Mercury’s, Mercury Freddie’s and Flutter Kicks to finish.

Announcements: Convergence 9/5 at Dogpile 7AM. 8 year Birthday for F3 RVA coming in September.

Prayers and then ended with a Coach Whitesnake speech ending on 1-2-3 “Together!”

The team is ready for the next challenge.


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