Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bodos break check


A triple check friendly nine PAX were ready to go at 4:59:56 when a minivan barreled into the AO at reckless speed. After nearly hitting lil Blue, Bodos emerged from the fumes of burning rubber to make it a terrific ten. No 40 minutes of Triple check so we did:

COP: SSH, Don Qs, Imperial Walkers at an appropriate speed, Ukrainian Soldiers, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks

Mosey back to Coupon drop zone for a coupon count: 9 blocks and 10 PAX (thanks again Bodos!) so mosey to HCTP and partner up: Dora 123: 100 Thrusters, 200 Swings, 300 Block presses. 3 Rounds of 20 PLTs.

Stay partnered up: Murder bunny across field and back with partner running ahead and switch. Same thing back to start. Everyone’s favorite: Block the Plank: 2 rounds of partner doing 5 burpees. 2 more rounds with partner doing 15 squats. Take coupons back to drop zone. Partner up again: 1 pax does HRMs while other runs length of parking lot. Back to flag and finish with 1 min of Mary.

Announcements: Labor Day Convergence at Dogpile.

NMS: Nice to have 10 strong even with some FW regulars out for vacation, accumulating OSOTW material for their return to the Gloom. With FW now routinely in double digits even without Gumbo it is time for some more block donations. YHC will work on that this week since a few of the blocks are baby ones.

Bodos is the 1st pax to say he appreciated Block the Plank since it’s creation. YHC thinks it just needs more exposure than just FW. Maybe he’ll take that out to other AOs. Several PAX questioned the legality of Handshake’s murder bunny technique but it is quite effective. Coffeteria afterwards was sponsored by Kubota. He offered to buy a coffee for every post he’s done this year. The tab added up to $22.50.


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