Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Heartbreak Ridge


Six grizzled veterans and one FNG joined for this weeks episode of Heartbreak Ridge.

Mosey to the Gas Pumps for an extended COP/Stretching session. Lighthouse noticed YHC is aging given the amount of stretching we were doing.

Mosey to the Playground at PES and partner up. P1 complete 5 Pull Ups, P2 WWII’s for (3) rounds, P1 complete 5 Pull Ups, P2 opposite Elbow to Knee WWII’s for (3) rounds?, P1 complete 5 Pull Ups, P2 Incline Merkins for (2) Rounds

Mosey to the Blacktop for a Triple Check P1 Wall Sits, P2 Flutter Kicks), P3 Bear Crawl to far side of the Blacktop x 3 rounds.

Mini Dora – 50 HRM’s, 100 WWII’s, 150 Jump Squats

Mosey the long wall back to Pemberton and all the way down back to the main entrance to Quioccasin Middle and back to the Flag.

Five Minutes of Mary: WWI’s with touching knees, toes, back to kness x 30, American Hammers 3 Count x 30.

Announcements/Prayer requests – none today

NMS – quiet day, we were missing some regulars but the hot temperatures were definitely not missed. It was great to have a FNG today (Lasso) named affectionately after Ted Lasso. Lasso is the husband of Lighthouse’s niece. They are from outside of Kiev, Ukraine and fled because of the war. They will be staying with Lighthouse and his family for a period of time. Lasso played professional Soccer and is originally from Western Africa, Biafra which is part of Nigeria. Lasso is currently in school and wants to get into Soccer coaching. Lasso seemed like a great name for this motivating FNG.


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