Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Iron Eyes Cody would approve


6 trusted servants arrived post gloom, some post Dogpile, to see what catalysts for change the Crucible had to offer today. Some details remain fuzzy but it went a little something like this…

We met at the new, official meeting place which is the parking lot for the school and we moseyed over to the fields to see if anyone didn’t get the memo but all was good so we had a bit of COP including some stretching along with the usual suspects of SSH, DQ, LBCs, Merkins etc… Then we took advantage of our multiples of 3 and did a triple check which encompassed some running, some balls to the wall, and some hello dollies. Next we completed a lap around the Charlie D Sydnor portion of the AO where everyone’s feet got wet but we survived, then on to a Dora that featured some SSHs, some 2 count mountain climbers, and 300 Carolina Dry Docks for the win.

Next we decided that it would be a good idea to explore the rest of the AO since it was only the second time we have had a workout there and as we rounded the school and looked out into a field covered with litter everyone agreed with me that the last 10 minutes of the 1st F could be a little 3rd F and we all picked up litter and filled a lawn and leaf bag that YHC had in the back of his truck. Everyone thought it was a good idea and many of us had the thought at the same time.

Big love to Joey Chestnut for showing up even with his dad, Offshore could not be there (and to his mom for driving him!!). JC is an inspiring young man.

We followed up the 1F/3F with some 2F at Cafe Zata where we plan to return next week. We are hoping that this AO catches on with the neighborhood and with the guys in THP (who could not attend on this day due to it being a “deep clean” day). Looking forward to next week! Its on the Q sheet so don’t be afraid to grab the Q, we aren’t stingy 🙂


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