Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Get your dollar boys out


15 Dogpile boys all agree; Dogpile is not for staying in one spot. Let’s get after it!

20 SSH

COP1: Mosey to the Bridge
Escalating Burpees every other Light Pole to the other side.
Return back – 10 Merkins every Light Pole.

COP2: Mosey to the Pipeline, Partner up:
1. Partner 1 runs Pipeline, Partner 2 LBCs, Switch.
2. Partner 1 runs Pipeline, Partner 2 Freddy Mercuries, Switch.
3. Partner 1 runs Pipeline, Partner 2 Flutter Kicks, Switch

COP3: Mosey to Love Hill (Gate was open, it was meant to be)
Partner up for switch backs up Love hill. 1 Person runs to the marker left by Sippy Cup. Partner 2 Bear Crawls. Then Lunges, Then Broad Jump Burpess. Rotate until both partners have reached the marker.

COP4: Mosey to the Amphitheater.
Starting at the bottom, 1 box jump every step, 1 burpee every other step all the way to the top.

COP5: Mosey to the Penny Stage, grab a Coupon
Bermuda Triangle. Over head carry coupon to the corner of the fence. Drop Coupon and sprint to each corner until you get back to your Coupon. Over head carry to the 2nd Corner, drop Coupon and Sprint back. Murder Bunnies to the 3rd corner and return Coupon.

COP6: Native American Run
From the Penny Stage to the Field, down the sidewalk to the main road then back to the flag. Watch out for runners.

COP7: Ring of Fire
10 Merkins while the PAX holds Plank. Repeat until each PAX completes the ring.

Counterama #15
YHC took us out in Prayer: Prayers to Ether as he heads off to School. Good Luck Brother.

NMS: YHC wanted to reach as much of the AO as possible. After 3.5 miles we still barely touched the surface. Dogpile never disappoints. Thanks for letting me lead today Gents. I think we kept the heart rate up and the feet moving; Mission Accomplished.

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