Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Westham mosey


14 HIM posted to Spider Run this AM for a taste of Badwater through Westham. Temp was 77 with Houston, TX level humidity. Here’s what I remember happening:

YHC gave out directions for a meandering run Up Lakewood to Wood to University, where the 4 milers were supposed to pick up Sunset for the run through Westham down to Lakewood, Hollins, Woodberry, then a few more turns back to the VSF. The 5 & 6 milers were supposed to take Westham to River then back to Sunset with the 6 milers diverging to run past Kanawha before hitting Lakewood to pick up the same route north through Westham that the 4 & 5 milers had already taken. While some of the runners followed directions, others took wrong turns, either intentionally for various reasons, or unintentionally. Thankfully everyone made it back to the flag for numberama, namerama, and COT. YHC took us out.

NMS: When YHC was envisioning this run, it didn’t sound THAT complicated. However there were multiple comments suggesting that today’s route had more turns than any other in Spider run history. I’d have to defer to #BigData on that one. Noted for the future, however. While today did suck due to the heat and humidity, the PAX dug deep and performed admirably. Proud to run alongside you all. Thanks for letting me lead.

Never stop chasing the wabbit.



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