Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Taking over Satan’s Hill


Six regulars were joined by one Northerner at the New Market clubhouse this hot and humid morning for a DaVille Takeover beatdown that went something like this.


All IC – SSH, Arm Circles (10 small, 5 big, reverso), Helicopters, Don Quixotes, One leg lunges, other leg, Merkins, Angled Knee Jumps, Foot-to-Hand Mountain Climbers, LBCs, One Legged APDs, other leg, Heels to Heaven, Rosaletas

Mosey to end of parking lot and partner up

Double Suicides – One partner runs to first parking lot island while other partner does exercise. They rotate. Then the first partner runs to 2nd island, 3rd island, and end of parking lot.

  • Round 1 – 2 Merkins, 4 Merkins, 6 Merkins, 8 Merkins
  • Round 2 – 1 burpee, 2 burpees, 4 burpees, 6 burpees
  • Round 3 – Each partner grab rock. One partner go to other side of parking lot, one partner walks the rock to the end of the parking lot, goes back and then does same with 2nd rock while partner does monkey humpers, rotate.

Jerkins/Merkins – Staring with the Q, hold Jerkin while counting from 15 – 6. Starting with five, do Jerkins until the Q reaches 1 for 5 Jerkins. Then do 10 Merkins IC. Oyster led it next followed by all other PAX members for 7 rounds.

Chutes and Ladders – Going up Satan’s Hill, run 2 street lights and do 5 burpees, come back 1 and then up 2 more for 5 burpees. Do this 4 times for 20 burpees.


  • Rotate between Carolina Dry Docks and Merkins for 10 count IC then hold plank
  • Rotate to side plank. IC – Dip hip and raise it for 10 count, then hold side plank
  • Rotate to back plank – IC – Drop and Raise butt for 10 count, then hold back plank
  • Rotate to other side plank. IC – Dip hip and raise it for 10 count, then hold side plank
  • Rotate to plank – IC – 10 Merkins
  • Hold 6 inches while YHC counts from 30 to 0. (About a minutes)

COT – Numberarama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


Even though it took more than 30 minutes to get to the Satan’s Hill AO, it was quite an easy drive. Get on Powhite and take a left at Otterdale. That’s it. Oyster was the last to arrive this morning and committed that we did not need to wait for him. YHC was still checking out what the AO had. Its got a parking lot, a hill, and rocks which is all you need. It also has poles for pole smokers if necessary. It is also lit up really well so it’s easy to see everything. Probably will not post at the AO again until a takeover or tour occurs in the future, but I’m happy I made the trip. It was great meeting Kelly, Vagabond, and Heist. After the COT, I also had a chance to talk to Heist and Roscoe about Virginia Tech and my children’s majors along with Heist’s return to Richmond.

It was a pleasure to lead this outstanding group of men this morning. Well done everybody! It was a challenging workout and you all performed beyond expectations. Maybe see you at the next takeover.


  • Coming to a Nano-Region near you – The Next DaVille Takeover is Thursday, September 15.
  • Be on the lookout for information about the October DaVille Relay.
  • Vinny is looking for more cornhole players for the retreat

Gotta Run!



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