Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

She Can’t Unsee That


Eight fleet-of-foot took off rapidly into the soupy morning.Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According to the Trail Mermaid, the following may have happened.

North Bank, T-Pott, South Bank.

Announcements: none were made.


Seven faced obstacles while one progressed unhindered along the roads. Not more than 200 yards into the run, the group of 7 faced a climbing obstacle in the form of a “tree down.” This prompted a discussion of “How many fallen trees do we expect to come upon?” Vegas put the odds at an ever-moving line of 3, perhaps 3.5, albeit with an on-going discussion of the precise definition of what constituted a tree that has fallen:

Rules, as of now:

  1. Tree must have fallen recently, and,
  2. Tree must be blocking the full trail. Partially blocking does not count.
  3. Tree must present an obstacle to the runner, thus resulting in the runner breaking stride. Example: running under a fallen tree at normal speed does not constitute a fallen tree. There were several of these.
  4. Trees which had fallen near the trail do not count.

TYA noted that it was unlikely that, regardless of the size of the tree, his pace would be slowed. Quite possibly, his pace is that slow. Chippendale noted that, at the pace UpChuck/Offshore ran, there was merit to asking whether we had stopped to swim. No offense intended, but quite funny.

Prayers: for TYA, who has been suffering a sustained case of writer’s block since November, 2021. YHC offered to step in today to help a Brother out.

T&Ps, brother. Hope it clears up soon.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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