Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hey Hey, My My…..


Rock and Roll will never die. 9 strong gathered for another epic beatdown at Rockwood Park. A brief summary for your viewing pleasure:

Warm-Up on the basketball court: Imperial Walkers, Ukranian Soldiers, Helicopters, Suzanne Somers, Plank Jacks, Alabama Prom Dates, Mummy Kicks, LBC’s.
-and- Across the basketball court: Lunge Walks, Lt. Dans, Bernie Sanders, Mummy Bernies, Karoake, x2, Forward Straddle Hops, Broad Jumps.

Exercise One: Apple Turnover – extended version. Alternate between crab walk and bear crawl – every 3 parking spaces or so. We covered the large parking lot, across the road and through the smaller lot.

Exercise Two: Partner Up for the following:
Booyah Merkins x 20
Hillbilly Leg Tosses x 10 (3 count)
Partner Single Leg Squats x 20
Hop over Burpees (??) – to the fence
Partner Pull-ups – x 10

Mosey back to the parking lot for Exercise Three:
Indigenous People’s Run – man in back does 10 side straddle hops. We worked our way around the park and stopped at 3 stations for the following:
1. 25 WWII’s, 25 flutter kicks, 25 heels to heaven, 25 LBC’s
2. 20 burpees, 20 dips, 20 plank jacks, 20 hitchhiker merkins
3. 50 jump squats, 50 lunges, 50 calf raises, 50 meter sprint to the staircase.

Exercise 4: Clockwork Merkins on the hill.
-roll down the hill and bear crawl up CSAUP style. Then back to the flag.


YHC took us out.

Final thoughts: Strong work by all today! Much respect to Doublemint who posted and assumed the duty of clean up and recruiting coordinator. An unnamed PAX spilled some Merlot on the final sprint, which was a great badge of honor for YHC. Enjoyed some 2nd F at Starbucks!

Out of the blue and into the black

You pay for this, but they give you that

And once you’re gone, you can’t come back

When you’re out of the blue and into the black.


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