Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Search for the Beast of Twin Team Part 3


5 History majors made their way to the 70 degree and sunny Gloom of Twin Team to hear more about the legend of the Beast of Twin Team.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill for COP

DQ’s, Deadman Hang, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, WWII

Mosey to the top of TT placing 4 glow sticks out along the way

After a brief explanation of what was about to happen and a discussion on who really would have been the first visitors to this area (Pioneers or Huguenots)

The story started:

While out on patrol and looking for the beast the PAX had to get under and around the brush that would have been common to the area at the time kind of like Crab Cakes (X6 at each stop) turn around at the 4th and repeto. Still fitting through the brush they had to slide on their backs somewhat like an LBC. Once they got through that something swiped at their feet and they had to jump as if they where doing JumpSquats. The jumping knocked them down so they had move forward kind of like knee raises. Once they reached the top of the hill this time they found that it was getting late and the beast was nowhere in sight, so they headed back to base. Along the way they stopped to pick up their markers, the first marker had gotten somewhat moved and they had to do something like a burpee to retrieve it. At the second marker their feet were getting stuck so they ran without moving like a Ball Dipper. At the third marker they had to rest but their legs where still moving kind of like Hello Dollies and at the fourth marker they heard a noise that scared them and they all out sprinted for about 100 yards +/- but moseyed the rest of the way back.

6 Burpees at THE END

Numbers / Names YHC took us out


Posey has been up Twin Team before but never multiple times, he is not a fan! YHC likes this workout or the Sisyphus (which I hope will return soon Mr. Holland) but 1,000% humidity might not be the time for it.

Lots of guys on IR praying for healing, safe travels to Florence and prayers for families (marriages)


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