Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What to do? What to do?


5 Friendly faces gathered at Dogwood Dell to see if Doozy had a plan or if he was just going to fly by the seat of his pants. 5:30 and YHC has somewhat of an idea of where he’s going, grab the bag of frisbees and head out.

Mosey to the round about

DQs, Helicopters – run a lap around the island, Imperial Walkers, Ukrainian Soldier – run a lap around the island, Merkins, WWIIs,

Mosey to the Amphitheater, place 6 frisbees on the left side staggered every other step, place 6 on the right staggered every other opposite step of the left side. Each HIM goes to a different frisbee to start. Do 10 of the exercise wrote on that frisbee run around the outside down to the bottom and broad jump up the middle steps to the next frisbee.

Mosey to the front valley area

11’s – Merkins on one side and Shoulder Taps on the other run to opposite side and Bernie back

Mosey BTTF


Not so Lazy, Lazy Boys

Numbers / Names Hitchhiker took us out and made us coffee


YHC and Posey took a little trip to see some new faces. YHC over did it the day before and had a case of Heat Exhaustion where my hands and legs both cramped so bad that I couldn’t function. YHC does not recommend this if you get the chance, it suckkkkkks. I am still getting a little residual cramping in my hands and feet but getting better. The weird thing is I have been drinking water and Pedialyte for a while so I’m not sure how I got dehydrated enough to get cramps. The moral of this story is, take care of yourselves and pay attention to what you body is telling you.


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