Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

4 Corners and some track


3rd F (Faith)
Thank you for taking us out Lighthouse. I hope your cousin’s travels to the US are safe and she makes it here soon.

2nd F (Fellowship)

  • BRR teams need drivers … See Slack BRR channel if you can help out
  • 2nd Tuesday 2nd F lunch is next week on the 9th in Short pump/Innsbrook area
  • The Crucible launch this Saturday at 730 .. come out and support the men at Healing Hands.

1st F: (Fitness)
4 Pax this morning as we joined together to take on the day from Pocahontas Middle school. Nothing complex today.. no crazy rules or burpees for running guys over.
Warm up run as we ran over to Short Pump Station ( 3/4 mile)
Some quick stretching
Three sets of Four corners around the Short Pump Station. Each time around we added an exercise.
(Each lap was 1KM)
1st round 20 LBCs at the corners
2nd round 20 LBCs and 20 Flutters each corner
3rd round 20 LBCs, 20 Flutters, 20 reverse crunches each corner

Follow Pigskin back to the AO since he had to depart early.

On to the Track.
Sprint the curves and walk the straights. a Few laps around until we were out of time.

Over all 3.5 miles today 240 LBCs, 160 flutters, 80 reverse crunches 400m of sprints.

NMS: I hope all is well with each of you. Lots of Covid case in the pax right now.. many needed prayers for family and personal well-being..
call a pax and go meet him for lunch.. learn something new about someone you share time with in the gloom.

To much to write about, but work is wearing me out this week so i have to drop.



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Raised in Hampton.. Two 2.0s.. Director of Expansion: Speed For Need.. F3 Nation Truebadour.. Brother in the Gloom.. A broken pax, but working daily to be better.

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